Full body massage
The classic and soothing massage dissolves blockages, provides energy, good mood and as it stimulates the blood circulation the skin gets more beautiful.
50 min      62 Euro

Back massage
This popular massage covers your entire back, including the lumbar spine and neck. It is made with high quality oil.
25 min     38 Euro

Leg massage
This classic massage covers your legs and is perfect after a long hiking day. It is made with high quality oil.
25 min     38 Euro

Aroma Relax Massage
For regeneration and relaxation, wrapped up in the fragrance of various essences.
50 min     65 Euro

Antistress Massage
This ancient massage releases the flow of energy while restoring psychophysical balance. It eliminates stress and anxiety and relaxes while regenerating.
50 min     62 Euro

Sport Massage with arnica
This agreeable massage calms and revitalizes after sporty activities and reduces the risk of injuries or muscle pains.
50 min     65 Euro
25 min     40 Euro

Classic face Massage
Slow, circling movements in combination with individual mask and crème create a great sense of well-being, dissolve tension and give you a radiant complexion.
20 min     38 Euro

Facial and head massage
Soothing, stress-reducing massage not only for headaches and tension.
20 min     38 Euro

Also suitable for people with acne, pimples and swelling
20 min     38 Euro

Intensive Back Massage
Depending on the hardening and blockages, one works in the deep layers of the neck, back and lumbar muscles. Recommended for Back Pain
45 min     65 Euro

Drainage Massage
This gentle drainage massage helps to eliminate liquids and toxins and therefore is the perfect way to support any slimming and firming program. (Dr. Vodder Method)
50 min     65 Euro
25 min     38 Euro

Foot-zone stimulating massage
Our feet mirror our whole organism with all its organs and zones. Stimulated by the skillful massage of these reflex zones your metabolism will be strengthened, the energy can flow freely again and the self-healing powers are activated.
50 min     65 Euro
25 min     38 Euro

Vital Stone Massage
Achieve harmony for body and spirit from the energy of the stones. A deep relaxation massage ritual with the effect of warm Basalt stones and precious ethereal oils
50 min     65 Euro

Pistil massage
The stamps are heated up and emit a refreshing and at the same time relaxing scent. The agreeable humid lavender of the stamps causes a soft removal of dead skin parts so that skin cells get regenerated.
50 min     65 Euro

Lomi Lomi Massage
Welcome to the world of total relaxation. Lomi-Lomi is a holistic massage from Hawaii. Expansive and fluid messaging movements are combined to help re-balance the flow of energy. This massage uses warm oils together with peaceful music to create a feeling of total relaxation and perfect wellness.
50 min     65 Euro

Floralpina´s massage
Full body massage with special facial massage and cream oil wrap
75 min     95 Euro