Peeling with Himalaya salt

The fine unrefined Himalaya salt provides deep cleansing of the skin.
20 min     35 Euro

Peeling with hay and apricotkernel
The efficient body peeling with hay flowers & apricot kernels cleanses the skin with gentle peeling crystals, helps to stimulate the microcirculation and makes the skin appear clearer and more luminous.
20 min     35 Euro

Arnica & St. John's Wort Bath
This health bath provides tired joints and muscles with new energy. The power of arnica and St. John's Wort reduces stress and loosens tensions.
20 min     35 Euro

Alpe di Siusi Hay bath
The hay of the alpine meadows of Alpe di Siusi and the magic power of alpine juniper let you forget your tiredness after a wonderful day.
20 min     35 Euro

Seaweed wrap
Known in many parts of the world, seaweeds are often used in cellulite treatments for their detoxifying, firming and invigorating properties.
20 min     35 Euro

Alpine fango wrap
The alpine fango with mountain herbs has an extraordinary alpine scent and in combination with the natural and fine-grained sediments of the various healing earths, promotes detoxification through the skin and at the same time has a revitalizing and invigorating effect. The fango is the basis for a beautiful skin and a healthy, tight connective tissue, ideal for cellulite.
20 min     35 Euro


Anti - Cellulite Massage
Invigorates and helps reduce localized adipose, while also making skin softer and suppler.
50 min     65 Euro

Anti cellulite treatment with peeling
Peeling with Himalaya salt & Anti Cellulite Massage
75 min     90 Euro

Anti cellulite treatment with wrap
Seaweed wrap & Anti Cellulite Massage
75 min     90 Euro

Back & Foot-zone stimulating massage
50 min     70 Euro

Leg & Foot-zone stimulating massage
50 min     70 Euro

Back & Legdrainage
50 min      70 Euro